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  • Avatar Jacob B ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We were delighted with Christie. First, and most importantly, our son made great strides under her guidance. So great, that we felt he no longer needed help! She was incredibly patient and kind with him and our son really responded to … More her. Christie was also great with me and my wife. She provided thorough and informative updates on our son's progress and which exercises she was using with him, so we could reinforce what she was teaching him. All in all, we had a fabulous experience with Christie and would highly recommend her.
  • Avatar Kristin Ames ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Our experience with Theo was terrific. Theo was great with my son. He developed a positive relationship with him based on sincerity, respect, trust and a deep personal connection. In their lessons, Theo was encouraging, creative and kind. … More He helped our son understand how to differentiate the sounds he made when he spoke, and gave him great exercises to practice every week between lessons. Our son was sorry to have the lessons come to an end, but recognized that Theo had helped him as much as possible and it was time for him to stop. Theo explained to him (and us) how to keep working to get the last 5%, and encouraged him to keep working on the exercises on his own. I have recommended Theo to another parent who noticed my son's improvement and inquired for her own son.
    We are all grateful to have gotten to know Theo, and we greatly appreciate all the work he did to help our son.
  • Avatar Andrea Peartree ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Theo is a wonderful Clinton Hill speech therapist. We were really pleased with him. Our son showed drastic improvement, not only in his speech but in his confidence.
  • Avatar mario costa ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Alexa has been an enthusiastic, reliable, well prepared and caring teacher for our 6 year old daughter. She has been able to improve and increase our daughter's confidence lesson by lesson with patience and competence; through varied … More and productive didactic practice. Alexa has engaged our daughter in several activities that always kept her motivated and eager to learn literacy. My wife and I, both of us are educators, feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe Alexa's pedagogical skills. Alexa has had a big impact on our daughter literacy growth. Thank you Brooklyn Letters!
  • Avatar Lily Alt ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    We were absolutely DELIGHTED with Marsha's services. She was wonderful. We found her to be kind, fun, engaging, very knowledgeable. She provided us with clear instructions and additional written handouts each week. She engaged our … More son with different techniques and toys, and showed us how to use her techniques when we were interacting with him. I actually just texted her on Saturday - Our son finally said "more" - one of the target words we had been working on with her. It was a total joy to hear, and I had to share it with her - she wrote back immediately to congratulate us. I am so appreciative of her expertise, and wish we could have seen her for longer. I recommended her to another family in our neighborhood who is looking for a speech therapist.

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Communication is the cornerstone of human interaction, but the journey to clear and precise speech sometimes faces hurdles. Understanding articulation and its disorders can shed light on the transformative power of therapy and its myriad benefits- and our speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are committed to providing personalized therapy throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. 

What is Articulation?

At its core, articulation refers to the formation of speech sounds. It involves the precise coordination of various articulators, such as the tongue, lips, and vocal cords, to produce distinct sounds that form words.

What is an Articulation Disorder?

An articulation disorder refers to difficulties or challenges an individual faces when producing speech sounds accurately and effectively. It’s a condition where there’s a disruption in normal speech development, leading to unclear or imprecise pronunciation of specific sounds.

These disorders can manifest in various ways, affecting different aspects of speech production:

  1. Substitution: Sounds are replaced by others. For instance, saying “wabbit” instead of “rabbit.”
  2. Omission: Certain sounds are omitted or omitted in words, altering their pronunciation. An example would be saying “cool” instead of “school.”
  3. Distortion: Sounds are altered, resulting in unclear speech. This might present as a lisp or a slurred sound.
  4. Addition: Extra sounds are introduced into words, changing their pronunciation. For instance, saying “hammock” as “hammock-uh.”

Articulation disorders can be caused by various factors, including developmental delays, physical conditions affecting the mouth or tongue, hearing impairments, or neurological conditions.

These disorders are not uncommon in children as they learn and refine their speech. Still, if the challenges persist beyond expected developmental milestones or significantly impact communication, they may require intervention through articulation therapy provided by speech-language pathologists (SLPs).

What is Articulation Therapy?

Articulation therapy is a specialized form of therapy aimed at improving an individual’s ability to articulate speech sounds clearly and accurately. It is tailored to address difficulties in producing specific sounds due to articulation disorders, which can manifest in various forms such as substitutions, omissions, distortions, or additions of sounds within words. 

The therapy involves targeted exercises, techniques, and guidance from speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to refine the coordination of articulators like the tongue, lips, and vocal cords, ultimately enhancing speech clarity and precision. Articulation therapy sessions are personalized, often utilizing engaging activities and repetition to practice sounds and improve the individual’s communication ability. The overarching goal is to empower individuals to express themselves confidently, fostering enhanced social interactions, academic success, and professional growth.

Benefits of Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is a comprehensive approach aimed at refining speech clarity and precision. This therapy empowers individuals to communicate more clearly and confidently by addressing specific speech challenges. Its benefits extend beyond improved speech, encompassing enhanced social interactions, academic success, and professional growth. 

Articulation therapy fosters personal development, instills confidence, and equips individuals with lifelong skills, making it a transformative journey toward effective communication and self-improvement.

How Do You Know If You Or Your Child Need Articulation Therapy?

Recognizing the need for articulation therapy involves recognizing certain signs indicating speech challenges warranting professional intervention. For both children and adults, several indicators could signal a need for articulation therapy:

  • Persistent difficulty pronouncing sounds
  • Challenges being understood by others
  • Frustration or avoidance in communication situations
  • Speech development delays in children compared to peers
  • Family history of speech concerns or caregiver worries
  • Continual presence of speech errors beyond expected stages of development

It’s essential to remember that occasional speech errors or developmental variations in speech and language are common and might not always indicate a need for therapy. However, if these signs persist, cause frustration, or hinder communication, consulting with a qualified SLP or a healthcare professional for an evaluation is advisable.

How Can Our NYC Articulation Therapy Help You?

At Brooklyn Letters, our speech pathologists specialize in articulation therapy. We refine speech clarity and precision through focused interventions, empowering individuals to articulate themselves confidently and effectively. This therapy strengthens their social and professional confidence and cultivates deeper connections and understanding in conversations. 

Academic performance sees notable improvements as enhanced speech clarity aids in active classroom engagement and the seamless expression of thoughts and ideas. Beyond immediate progress, our therapy nurtures personal growth, instilling patience, resilience, and empowerment. 

Addressing speech challenges alleviates frustration, contributing significantly to overall well-being. The skills acquired during our tailored therapy sessions extend far beyond speech alone, serving as enduring tools that facilitate successful communication in various facets of life. 

Our speech pathologists travel throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. We offer free consultation and meet-and-greets with our staff. You can pay as you go and choose session times that fit your family’s life.

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