Getting Started with us!

Please note that we adhere to HIPPA  (health information privacy) standards, and all confidential information can not be shared with anyone without your written consent. We also store all electronic confidential information on our HIPPA compliant encrypted email server. 

We are here to answer your questions. If you are interested in therapy and/or professional tutoring services, please provide us with copies of recent evaluations, e.g. neuropsychological, psychoeducational and/or IEPs. If your child’s goals are up-to-date, you will not need to start with a Brooklyn Letters assessment. We accept up-to-date intervention goals from outside professionals. Our assessments are custom tailored, take place at your home or at an office, and are appropriate for all ages. We are professionals who provide a wide range of evaluations and professional services custom tailored to the individual’s needs.

Please contact your insurance company before scheduling an evaluation with us to see if you are covered for private pay services, called out-of-network, or contact your insurance company for a list of in-network speech therapists. We are considered out-of-network providers: you pay us directly; we are not part of your insurance network. We can provide you with speech language invoices for evaluation and for treatment. You submit these invoices to your insurance company, and they will reimburse you, not us, if you are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. If you are interested in Early Intervention or Board of Ed. services, please contact them, since we do NOT accept Early Intervention or Board of Ed., e.g. CPSE, CSE, etc. services.

If you are interested in therapy and/or professional tutoring services and your child or the adult has not been recently evaluated and/or your child does not have current goals, we recommend that you get started with either our TIER 1 or TIER 2 Evaluations.

Speech/Language (Literacy)/Feeding Therapy & Literacy Tutoring

As licensed New York State therapists, in order to provide therapeutic services, we need the following written justification from licensed therapists or medical doctors (we accept all NY State licensed written justifications or prescriptions from outside Brooklyn Letters professionals):

Need for speech, language, literacy, or feeding services (documentation of a significant delay or disorder). This documentation typically accompanies an ICD-10 code(s).. 


Current goals, so we have a starting point for these services. 

If you cannot provide us with documentation for a need for services AND current goals, we will need to perform our assessments (see below) to get you started. Assessments and goals must be up to date! If you can provide proof of a need for services, but goals are not current, we can update your child’s goals to get started! Sometimes we might disagree with the prior professional’s opinion and intervention recommendations, so it is essential to get a second opinion (us). Our “opinions” are backed and justified by science, so we want to be as objective as possible. We present the data so that you can figure out the next best steps for your child or loved one.

Literacy Intervention

Depending on the nature of the literacy intervention, it can be considered either language therapy or educational. Please note that our literacy professionals (bios are posted on our website) have academic and professional training in literacy! They having additional qualifications and training when compared to certified regular education teachers. 

If the literacy intervention is considered language therapy, we will need the right ICD-10 code(s) to justify a language therapy approach to your child’s literacy intervention. ICD-10 codes which indicate language therapy include: language disorder, expressive/receptive language disorder, phonological disorder, autism spectrum, social pragmatic communication disorder, other developmental disorders of speech and language, developmental disorder of speech and language, and sometimes diagnosis such as a specific learning disorder, a specific reading disorder, or a specific impairment in written expression. For a language therapy literacy intervention, see the section above for Speech/Language/Literacy/Feeding Therapy. This intervention will be performed by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who has expertise in literacy! Documentation for the need for language therapy for literacy and updated literacy goals can get you started with us right away! 

If the literacy intervention cannot be justified by an ICD-10 code (see above), the literacy intervention is considered educational and can be performed by our literacy teachers. New York State believes the ICD-10 code for dyslexia as educational (learning) and not as a Communicative Disorder, e.g. Language Disorder to date. One day New York State will update their position on dyslexia. If the literacy intervention is educational, all we need are current literacy goals. Please note that most neuropsychological evaluations do not include decoding and encoding (spelling goals); they mention the need for decoding and encoding intervention.  If literacy goals are not covered or updated, our first session(s) will include creating these goals. Also, many schools use their methods or commercialized products for creating literacy goals. Unfortunately, some of these tools are not up-to-date with current scientific standards. Fortunately, we use up-to-date assessment tools to make sure your child is receiving the best intervention. Overall, you are in good hands with us, and we will guide you along the way!

Assessments and Evaluations We Offer:

Consultations $150-$200: We offer in-home and on-the-phone consultations if you have concerns about your child and are not ready for an evaluation/assessment.

Office-Based Assessments $300-$950: Yes! We can rent space throughout NYC. Please note that office-based assessments are billed at higher rates, e.g., $20-40 more per hour to cover our rental expenses.

Bilingual Assessments: Yes, we offer those! Bilingual Evaluations are billed at a higher rate than monolingual English Evaluations. These are usually marked up by 30 to 50% due to the additional work required to assess more than one language. See rates below for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Evaluations. 


TIER 1 and TIER 2 Evaluations: $175-850 (See below).

TIER 1 IN-HOME EVALUATIONS (Performed by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists)

TIER 1 Evaluations include at least a one-hour in-home visit where we meet you and your child, a review of previous reports, testing, etc., and within ten business days a 1.5 to 3-page report with professional impressions, recommendations, and goals (if services are recommended). This report can be presented to schools and professionals outside of Brooklyn Letters.

Helps establish the need for significant but mild articulation or expressive language therapy and for updating therapy goals.

Articulation: $175-$250 

Expressive Language: $200-$300 

Articulation and Expressive Language: $300-$450 (over one visit)

Social Skills Assessment (18-47 month old children):

$150 We use a standardized empirically validated parent-report questionnaire to help assess pragmatic language development in 18- to 47-month-old children. This assessment helps identify children with delays in pragmatic language development (i.e., the use of language in a broad variety of everyday settings and in interaction with other people) compared to children of the same sex and age in months; to identify children whose expressive language skills should be further evaluated with a comprehensive speech and language assessment. We mail you the questionnaire, you fill it out, mail it back to us & we score it, provide you with the results, and schedule a 30 minute phone consultation.

We can furnish an ICD-10 code with a TIER 1 Evaluation if the child has articulation difficulties that are not normal for his or her age or if the child has a significant expressive language delay or disorder. This ICD-10 code can be used for insurance purposes. We are out-of-network providers and do not accept any third-party payments, but you may be entitled to reimbursement under the out-of-network provisions of your insurance policy.

If your concerns involve receptive language or literacy, see TIER 2 Evaluations. 

If your articulation concerns involve more than a few speech sound errors, please see TIER 2 Evaluations. 

If your child is greater than four years of age and has delayed language development, see TIER 2 Evaluations.

TIER 1 IN-HOME EVALUATIONS (Performed by our Literacy Teachers)

$200-$300 Decoding and Spelling (Encoding) Assessment

TIER 1 Evaluations include at least a one-hour in-home visit where we meet you and your child, a review of previous reports, testing, etc., and within ten business days a 1.5 to 3-page report with professional impressions, recommendations, and goals (if services are recommended). This report can be presented to schools and professionals outside of Brooklyn Letters. These evaluations are not diagnostic in nature. They are best to create decoding and spelling goals for intervention purposes. Low test scores will indicate that the parent should follow-up with a psychologist for additional testing. 

ICD-10 codes can’t not be produced by our Literacy Teachers.

TIER 2 IN-HOME EVALUATIONS (Performed by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists)

TIER 2 IN-HOME EVALUATIONS All of the following TIER 2 evaluations are performed by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Our literacy specialists assess decoding and spelling skills (see TIER 1). See the Literacy/Reading/Writing (4 years and up) evaluation below. TIER 2 Evaluations are more comprehensive than TIER 1 Evaluations. TIER 2 Evaluations also assess additional areas or modalities which aren’t evaluated during TIER 1 Evaluations. 

TIER 2 evaluations are perfect for private CPSE and CSE evaluations since Tier 2 Evaluations are more comprehensive than Tier 1 Evaluation (a Tier 2 Evaluation is recommended when a child has more than a few speech sound errors and there are significant concerns related to understanding and using oral and written language). 

  • $300-$400 for Articulation/Enunciation (4 years and up)
  • $300-$400 For Fluency/Stuttering (2 years and up)
  • $250-$400 For Feeding (any age)
  • $200-$500 For Literacy (Reading/Writing) (4 years and up)
  • $400-$700 for Expressive and Receptive Language  (4 years and up)
  • $300-400 for Expressive Language (4 years and up)
  • $400-$500 for Expressive Language and Articulation (4 years and up)
  • $500-$850 for Expressive and Receptive Language, Literacy, and Articulation (4 years and up)

All of our TIER 2 Evaluations occur over one visit at a quiet space in your home. These visits are 1-3 hours long, and your child will be given breaks. 

Occasionally, a child is unable to complete the testing with the appropriate amount of time allowed for assessments. We reserve the right to charge an additional $150 fee to schedule a follow-up appointment at your home to complete the testing when these circumstances arise.

TIER 2 Evaluations include a 2 to 10-page report (higher costing evaluations result in extended reports and visa versa), including professional impressions, recommendations, and goals. Please allow us up to 10 business days to produce the report. If you need the report in less than ten days, it can be expedited for a fee of $100-$200 depending on how quickly you need the turnaround. For higher costing evaluations ($600 and up), we might require additional time to complete the report (10-15 business days). Results are discussed over the phone or in-person if the data is scored at the time of the assessment. If a parent requests a follow-up meeting to discuss the results in person, this will be billed at the professional’s hourly rate. 

We can recommend and start intervention before the report is finished because we will know directly after or soon after the evaluation if intervention is warranted and will be able to establish goals. These two essential pieces can be figured out before the report is submitted to you. With your permission, we can share this information with a 3rd party.  

ICD-10 codes are furnished if the individual has a significant delay or a disorder. We produce speech and language disorder ICD-10 codes. For an ICD-10 code related to literacy or a learning disorder, e.g., dyslexia, we recommend that you follow-up with additional testing performed by a licensed NY State neuropsychologist. We have many great recommendations!