What does Queens Letters have in common with a bowl full of Omega-6 We do the brain good; we’re pretty fun too.

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One of the qualities setting Queens Letters apart is our energetic, professional staff. We know how to relate to children from babies to adolescents to adults (yes, we are now offering adult speech therapy). They feel comfortable interacting in a fun and warm environment. Forget out-of-date speech language therapy! What worked for grandma and grandpa isn t necessarily going to work these days. Also, nowadays many speech therapists offer trendy therapies. On the other hand, we offer a craft. We are dynamic therapists: we adapt our approach as your child develops. We are up-to-date with the ever changing field of speech language therapy, relying on updated research to provide top-notch grade A, grass-fed, organic, educational and therapeutic services. OK, we’re just kidding about the grass-fed organic part. But the rest of our ingredients are the real deal. We put the enjoyment back in learning for parents and kiddos.

We believe in your child. We will find your child’s potential. Kind of like how Michelangelo discovered David in a block of marble. We create and tailor therapy and remediation designed specifically for your child. Part of that means working with families and schools, to construct a support system for your son or daughter. We are 100% fully committed to helping kids and parents overcome challenges and those obstacles will look less like Mount Everest.

So now you re thinking wow, this sounds great! But how did Craig get involved with speech therapy What is it about this Pied Piper of speech therapy that makes him so special Well, I ll tell you: he was trained from an interdisciplinary and neuropsychological background. His language pathology and neuropsychological background is strongly linked with many other professions, such as special education, psychology, and literacy. We utilize language to read, write, and communicate; it’s the foundation for academic, social, and emotional learning.

Which brings me to my next point. Breakdowns in language learning affect a child’s academics and communication, significantly interfering with the child’s relationships and learning. For this reason, it’s important to handle any speech/language issue as soon as your child is demonstrating difficulties so they can lead a happier, healthier life. Et voila! That s where Queens Letters comes in.

Learn more about our services and we offer home visits. Our team travels to your home or child’s school for sessions. We travel to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk), and New Jersey (Clark, Cranford, Westfield, Rahway, Union). We also offer Telepractice Speech Therapy services. How s that for customer service What about the quality of our work Check out our testimonials. Questions about speech, language, literacy, and feeding evaluation and/or therapy and specialized learning services Contact Craig at 347-394-3485 & [email protected](immediate response).


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