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Manhattan, NYC

Speech Language therapy private practice

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Speech Language Therapy Private Practice Manhattan, NYC. Our Manhattan, NYC speech-language pathologists and therapists work with babies, toddlers, school-age students, and adults with expertise in:


Meet our Manhattan, NYC Speech Language Therapists and Pathologists:



Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC



Kathryn is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She is also certified as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology from Loyola University. Kathryn is level one PROMPT trained and has received extensive training in multi-sensory reading instruction.

Kathryn serves as a speech-language pathologist for public schools. She works with a diverse population of students from Pre-K through Eighth grade. Kathryn has worked in a range of settings, including private practice, early intervention, and home care. She has extensive experience in the treatment and evaluation of children with Developmental Delays, Autism, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Apraxia, Language-Based Literacy Disorders, Fluency Disorders, ADHD, and Speech Sound Disorders-Articulation/Phonology.

Kathryn is level one trained in PROMPT therapy which is a treatment approach for speech sound disorders. Kathryn has a literacy background and has taken courses from the Institute for Multisensory Education and Reading with TLC. She believes in providing students with Multisensory experiences based on Orton Gillingham to effectively teach reading skills and meet each student’s individual learning needs. Kathryn has a strong interest in helping students develop phonological and phonemic awareness skills to build foundational skills for reading. Kathryn aims to support struggling readers and build their confidence and comprehension skills. When working with students with receptive/expressive language disorders, Kathryn believes in collaborating with parents/caregivers and teachers to incorporate spoken language that a child needs through activities and play. She uses a variety of age-appropriate treatment methods to help children with language and communication.

Kathryn prides herself on creating individualized plans for each child to ensure success at home, school, and in the community. Kathryn believes in working as part of an interdisciplinary team to help each child reach his or her full potential. She strives to create a rewarding and engaging environment by incorporating your child’s preferred activities and interests into his or her sessions.

LOCATION: Manhattan: Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Yards, Chelsea, West Village
Westchester: Bronxville, Scarsdale, Eastchester, Tuckahoe
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group (2-3 children), speech-language evaluations, parent consultations
EXPERTISE: early/school-age language development, developmental delays, speech sound disorders, receptive/expressive language disorders, phonological awareness, dyslexia, reading instruction, reading comprehension, and literacy
AGES: All ages


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC

M.S. CCC-SLP, TSSLD, Speech-Language Pathologist

Elizabeth is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Elizabeth received her M.S. in Communicative Sciences & Disorders at New York University and her B.A. in Speech & Hearing Sciences at Indiana University. Elizabeth is a full-time speech-language pathologist in an elementary school within the NYC Department of Education. She currently provides classroom-based speech and language therapy to school-age students who present with a variety of speech, language, and learning impairments. Elizabeth specializes in oral and written language acquisition and expansion targeting organization, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. She is skilled in providing articulation therapy to children who present with speech-sound disorders. Additionally, Elizabeth is experienced in providing literacy instruction, including targeting the development of phonological awareness skills (i.e. identifying, producing, and manipulating sounds in a language – a precursory skill to reading).

Elizabeth prides herself on her strong interpersonal skills and ability to build positive and encouraging relationships with her clients and their families. She enjoys advocating for her students – taking the time to educate parents, teachers, administrators, and other service providers about the nature of speech and language disorders and how the team can best support children to reach their communicative, academic, and social goals.

LOCATION: Manhattan (e.g. Flatiron, Gramercy Park, East Village, Upper East Side, Midtown East, etc.)
TYPE OF SERVICE: Individual therapy, Small group therapy (2-3 children), parent consultation
EXPERTISE: Expressive-Receptive Language, Written Language, Articulation, Literacy, Phonological Awareness, Pragmatic/Social Skills, Selective Mutism
AGES: Toddler, Preschool, School-Age


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC


M.A., CCC-SLP, TSSLD, VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association) and certified singing teacher

Judith has been a speech/language pathologist since 1993. She has worked predominantly with children ages 3-18 in private and public schools and privately, and has also treated adults in clinics, rehab centers, and privately. For the last several years she has worked as a corporate speech, voice, and communications trainer and specialized in accent modification, at the same time continuing to work with people of all ages and backgrounds to become the best communicators they can be. She has a strong background in reading skills, literacy, writing skills, phonics, accessing the curriculum, and executive functioning. She developed a group program for kids with dyslexia over a course of six years at one school she worked in and also trained teachers in how to facilitate reading skills within the classroom. Her programs and sessions are highly tailored to develop the unique strengths and voices of the individual client. Stuttering and voice are a few of her passions; she currently hosts a free monthly online session for people who stutter to practice fluency strategies, as well as share thoughts and connect with others. Her background in singing, movement, acting, improv, and public speaking brings an added element to her therapy, as she believes that when learning is fun and
brings in as many of the senses as possible, the results go deeper and are more meaningful and longer-lasting. Judith also ran an extremely popular and well-received program at two of the schools she worked at called “Sounds In Motion.” It involved using a multi-sensory approach for reading and speech development and proved highly effective in engaging young learners.

LOCATION: Manhattan: Chelsea (office), Washington Heights, Upper West, and East Sides, Midtown, Downtown, flexible.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group (2-3 children), parent consultations, some speech-language evaluations
EXPERTISE: For Children: Literacy, reading, writing, articulation and phonological impairments, dyslexia, auditory processing, language delays and disorders, executive functioning skills, study skills, pragmatic language, fluency, voice.
Specialties (for adults): Accent modification, stuttering, public speaking, and voice enhancement
AGES: Children ages 3-18, Adults


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC

Briana I.


Briana is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and maintains her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). In addition, she holds a Certificate for Teaching Students with Speech-Language Disabilities (TSSLD) from the New York State Department of Education. In 2015 Briana received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, and in 2017 she received her Masters of Arts Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Long Island University Post, on Long Island, NewYork.

Throughout her career, Briana has worked in a variety of settings with diverse populations providing her with the experience to identify and address disorders in areas including receptive and expressive language, articulation, phonological awareness, decoding, pragmatic/social language, fluency, and executive functioning. She is solution-oriented and includes evidence-based practice in her therapeutic approach. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the essential skills for successful communication. Briana incorporates approachable techniques derived from evidence-based reading and writing programs including strategies for reading such as isolating word parts (prefix, root words, suffix), teaching vowel teams, enhancing background knowledge, teaching visualization, identifying salient details, and enhancing awareness of text structure; and strategies for writing such as teaching simple and complex sentence structure using conjunctions and transition words, and supporting organization, cohesion, and revision with the use of graphic organizers.

Briana makes an effort to individualize and differentiate therapy materials to reflect personal interests in order to facilitate engagement. She prides herself in her flexibility, ease establishing rapport, and ability to build strong relationships with clients and families. Briana enjoys collaborating with children and parents to provide tools and strategies that support ownership of skills and facilitate independence.

LOCATIONS: Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Fort Greene, Prospect Park
Manhattan: Financial District,Tribeca, Chelsea,West Village, SoHo, Union Square TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group therapy (2-3), parent consultations, speech and language evaluations and therapy
EXPERTISE: Speech and language delays, articulation/phonology disorders, phonological awareness, receptive and expressive language disorders, narrative skills, fluency, pragmatic/social language and executive functioning skills
AGES: Birth, preschool age, school age (elementary- high school)


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC

Rachel Z.

M.A., CCC-SLP, B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Certified Teacher of Children with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD)


Rachel is a New York State licensed speech-language therapist who holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She received her master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Hunter College and her B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Touro College. Rachel is also certified as a Teacher of Children with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD).

Rachel is currently a full-time speech-language pathologist at the NYC Department of Education, providing assessment and treatment of a culturally diverse population of elementary and preschool-age students. Rachel also holds prior experience in providing services for students grades K-8 at a specialized school for language-based learning challenges and for children ages Birth-5 at a specialized preschool and early intervention center for hearing impairment. Rachel is proficient in the use of standardized and dynamic assessment procedures to evaluate speech-language skills and develop individualized treatment plans. She has experience treating a variety of delays/disorders, including expressive-receptive language disorders, language-based learning difficulties, Auditory Processing Disorder, hearing impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorders, articulation, and phonological impairments, Emotional Disturbance, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disability, and fluency or stuttering.

As a school-based therapist, Rachel has worked extensively on treating speech and language difficulties that affect literacy development, such as decoding and reading comprehension. Rachel is formally trained in intervention programs, such as the Heggerty Phonological and Phonemic Awareness curriculum, Story Grammar Marker tool, Expanding Expression tool, and Anita Archer’s Explicit Instruction in Vocabulary, all of which support literacy skills. Rachel is passionate about instructing the students on a variety of language-learning strategies for decoding and reading comprehension using multiple modalities that help them become more independent in their own learning and academic performance.

Rachel firmly believes in using the personal interests and students’ strengths to help plan therapy that is meaningful and engaging. Rachel enjoys collaborating with caregivers, professionals, and the clients themselves to create a tailor-made treatment plan that will help them generalize the skills into all aspects of their life.

LOCATION: Upper West Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group (2-4 children) therapy, speech-language evaluations, parent consultation
EXPERTISE: Language-based disorders, articulation, and phonological delays, literacy skills, vocabulary development, pragmatics, and social skills
AGES: Birth through adolescence


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC

Andrea S.


Andrea is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience. She holds a B.A. in Religion from Oberlin College and an M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology, which begun at the University of Pittsburgh, and completed at Queens College-QUNY following a family move to NYC.

Andrea’s foray into early language began as a volunteer with toddlers on a kibbutz in Israel. Back in the United States, she began her professional career as a preschool teacher and was motivated by her love of child development to pursue coursework in early childhood education at Carlow College and then to begin her M.A. in speech/language pathology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research experience there led to a life-long commitment to evidence-based practice. Once in the NYC public schools, it was a smooth slide from language development to reading development. Andrea has studied the Orton Gillingham approach through courses completed with the Reading Reform Foundation, Wilson, and The Spalding Method.

Although a school-based therapist, Andrea loves being with children at home where they are most comfortable and where she can see and use what they are most interested in. She embraces children wholly and takes great delight in them!

As a specialist, she is attuned to points of struggle and challenge and then finding ways to build from strength to strength. She relies on parents and teachers for information about their concerns, their observations, and situational demands.

Andrea’s areas of expertise include late talkers, phonemic awareness and reading/decoding, reading comprehension, expressive language organization, and writing.

LOCATION: Upper West Side, Morningside Heights, Greenwich Village
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, parent consultation
EXPERTISE: Late talkers, phonemic awareness, articulation, elementary school language demands
AGES: Toddler through elementary school


Speech language therapy private practice Manhattan, NYC



Bianca is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She maintains a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and is certified as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). She earned her Bachelor of Science in Kindergarten and Elementary Education from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia University.

Bianca has been practicing speech-language pathology since 2015. Currently, she works as a speech therapist in a middle school, providing services for students with special education needs to support their academic achievement. Bianca has worked in a range of settings, including private practice, homes, specialized clinics, head start programs, early intervention, and schools. She has experience in assessing and treating children in the areas of expressive and receptive language, pragmatic language, augmentative and alternative communication, articulation/phonology, phonological awareness, and literacy.

Bianca utilizes a variety of evidence-based techniques and approaches in therapy. She is trained in the multisensory literacy program Sounds in Motion and SMiLE (Structured Methods in Language Education). Bianca has extensive experience working with non-verbal children and has been trained in LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning), and Proloquo2Go augmentative and alternative communication systems (AAC). She is also level 1 PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) trained for treating articulation disorders and motor planning difficulties.

Bianca uses an interdisciplinary approach through collaboration with teachers and other specialists. She emphasizes the importance of parent involvement to promote the generalization of learned strategies and skills. Bianca believes that therapy should be individualized to meet the needs of each child. She aims to create engaging therapeutic activities by incorporating client interests and strengths.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint Manhattan: Battery Park, Tribeca, West Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Union Square
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual and group therapy, parent consultations, parent training
EXPERTISE: Early language development, speech-language delays, receptive and expressive language disorders, social-pragmatic skills, phonological awareness/pre-literacy skills, augmentative and alternative communication, literacy intervention, and articulation
AGES: Preschool through early adolescence



Sharon B.


Sharon is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who has worked in the field for 10 years. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She is certified as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). Sharon completed her Masters of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology at CUNY Lehman. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn. She is extensively trained in delivering SDI (Social Development Intervention), a collaborative multisensory model helping children and adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder to improve their overall communication skills through the development of social pragmatics language skills. Sharon has also received extensive training in the use of the Story Grammar Marker to facilitate language and writing development, as well as the Orton Gillingham approach for reading instruction.

Sharon has experience with the assessment of and intervention for speech-language delays of all ages from toddlers and school-age students through geriatrics, including delays or challenges with expressive and receptive language, cognition, reading comprehension, auditory processing, fluency, voice, writing, executive functioning, phonology and articulation, and pragmatic language. Sharon specializes in work with adolescents and teenagers in middle school and high school with intellectual and language learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and emotional disturbances. She targets executive functioning challenges, social thinking, and writing and conversational skills with these clients. The goal is to help these clients self-advocate, problem-solve, and use critical thinking skills as they work towards college and career readiness. Sharon’s dynamic approach incorporates using tools from her psychology background to develop a strong rapport with her clients, and help them identify and work through any challenges that they may encounter throughout the therapeutic process. Therapy is geared towards accommodating individual learning styles, acknowledging the critical role of collaboration with other service providers and family members, while incorporating the strengths and interests of her clients.

LOCATION: Manhattan( Midtown, Upper East Side )
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group (2-3 children), speech-language evaluations, parent consultation
EXPERTISE: Expressive/Receptive Language Delays, Phonology, Articulation/Intelligibility, Literacy (phonics and comprehension), Narrative/ Expository Discourse, Writing Organization, Pragmatic/Social Skills, Voice, Cognition (attention, memory, problem-solving), sensory processing
AGES: Infants through adults


New York State bilingual (Spanish/ English) licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD)


New York State bilingual (Spanish/ English) licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD)


Kristin is a New York State bilingual (Spanish/ English) licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). Kristin completed her Master’s of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Kristin has provided speech-language therapy as well as academic intervention in schools and homes both in New York City and internationally. She has supported students in English and Spanish in addition to working with multilingual students from diverse linguistic backgrounds. One area of expertise is evaluating students from multilingual environments to differentiate typical multilingualism from potential speech, language, and learning disorders.

Over her career she Kristin has worked with children with a wide variety of diagnoses including speech and language delay but also dyslexia/dysgraphia, ADHD/ADD, executive functioning deficits, autism spectrum disorder, and various syndromes. Kristin has extensive experience and training in working with students from preschool age through high school with speech, language, and literacy challenges. Her approach to speech-language delays is tailored to the needs and development of the child. For younger students, therapy is based on play and the interests of the child as much as possible. For older students, careful consideration is given to what language needs children to have in their daily functioning whether that be academic or participating in the community. Kristin is also equipped to provide phonics-based reading intervention (Wilson, Orton Gillingham, SPIRE) as well as for other areas of reading difficulties. Reading and writing intervention is also always directly tied to the needs of the child in their academic setting. Whenever possible, she’s in contact with teachers to understand what the child’s challenges look like in the classroom. This might include phonics work, explicit instruction to support reading comprehension, learning the conventions and organization of writing, and more. When children need help with executive functioning, as with reading and writing intervention, Kristin works in tandem with parents and educators to individualize therapy and intervention to fit the specific needs of the child. This might mean helping the child find systems and strategies for organizing work, writing, or time.

Regardless of the need, Kristin’s approach is child and family-centered, seeking to make the child and family partners in the intervention process. She prioritizes functionality and transfer of skills to the child’s everyday life in identifying goals and planning therapy. She is passionate about seeing children achieve their goals and feeling confident and capable.

LOCATION: Brooklyn: Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Fort Green, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, South Williamsburg. Manhattan: Lower East Side
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual and group (2-3 children) speech-language therapy, speech-language evaluations, parent and teacher consultation, reading/writing intervention, reading/ writing evaluations, executive function support
EXPERTISE: Speech-language delays, articulation, autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia/ dysgraphia, multilingualism, executive function disorder,
AGES: birth through high school


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